Eliminate Laundry Detergent Forever!

CleanStart, Rainsoft's revolutionary new product will eliminate the need for laundry detergent, fabric softener, brightener, whitener, or bleach.The CleanStart uses O‚Äčtechnology to clean and disinfect with oxygen instead of harsh chemicals.

Have Allergies?

The AirMaster Ultra by RainSoft will help out tremendously with allergies or asthma. The ultraviolet light will kill up to 99.99% of all viruses and bacteria while the ozone bulb will neutralize odors that may be in your home due to pets or a smoker.

Hard Water

If your house has hard water stains, we have the solution to your problem. Our EC4 Water Conditioner will remove all the dissolved rock from the water. Guaranteed!

Smelly Water

If your water smells like rotten eggs, chlorine, or metal, we can handle it with ease. Our taste and order filter will completely eliminate any bad smells in your water. 

If you have:  

Hard Water-Iron Stains-Sulfur Smell-Bacteria-Acidity-Sediment 

We can fix it!

Your water problem is our water problem!

Ask Our Certified Technician

Our certified technicians are prepared tio answer any questions you may have. From the initial water test to the installation, our certified technician is available to you anytime to answer any concerns you may have.

Iron Stains

Is everything in your home turning orange? Not a problem. Our Iron sulfur filter will remove it permanently. No more scrubbing tubs and toilets and replacing appliances.